Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale expected to be free

William Matthew Limited
14 Aug , 2019


According to YouTuber LongSensation who has some 100,000 subscribers and leaked the name of the next episode of Call of Duty before it was known. Has Disclosed that the loved Battle Royale Gamemode will exist on the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Game with an Expected Release of early 2020. 

Even better it will be a free download as a separate game. There have certainly been previous rumours which pointed to the possibility of battle royale with the game, although equally suggestions there won’t be any such mode.

Infinity Ward has neither confirmed or denied that speculation that Battle Royale will be coming to Modern Warfare. Large scale battles, for example, 50 v 50 Ground War will exist. It is exciting to see how Call Of Duty will knock Fortnite off its throne as the best Battle Royale Game.