NoMachine 6.7.6 now available for download

William Matthew Limited
17 Jun , 2019

NoMachine makes available today a minor software update which provides some enhancements and improvements including support for two-factor authentication in the server procedure when adding a remote node and the auto-detection of Xfce desktop during installation. This 6.7.6 release also fixes bugs affecting previous versions.


The full list of enhancements and bug fixes are:

FR07P03644 - Disabling TLS 1.0 for NoMachine web connections 
FR04Q03818 - Supporting a command line option on Windows for skipping the installation of USB modules 
FR11P03733 - Adding a new option to the nxkeygen tool to display SHA256 fingerprint of certificates 
FR04Q03820 - Adding a new server configuration key to enable/disable using PAM configuration for connections by NX protocol 
FR03Q03791 - Extending the session history command to provide statistics and debug information 
FR01M02861 - Add support for two-factor authentication in the server procedure to add a remote node 
FR12P03751 - Adding auto-detection of Xfce desktop in installation scripts 
FR04Q03822 - Completely remove "Send a file from the client" when only the desktop owner is connected and file transfer from client to server is disabled 
FR04Q03826 - Configure the use of WebRTC via connection file (.nxs)

TR09N07172 - Java screenshots show trails of all the application window movements 
TR03Q09204 - The nxerror.log file is recreated with wrong permissions 
TR09P08855 - In a multi-monitor setup, pixels which are not included in any screen are shown with undefined colors 
TR03Q09199 - 'No available sessions' is issued when connecting to NoMachine on Windows 10 
TR04Q09228 - Cannot connect to Ubuntu physical desktop when Wayland is enabled 
TR07N07018 - Java non-modal dialogs are displayed as modal in the NoMachine client for Windows 
TR07N07055 - A custom floating-window sessions is refreshed only when it is brought on the top 
TR06M05612 - Terminator application can't be resized properly in floating window session 
TR04Q09249 - Fonts in a terminal inside a virtual desktop are displayed with a wrong color 
TR03N06653 - Cannot reconnect a custom session when it's started from RHEL 5 
TR02Q09166 - NoMachine processes are not started after installation on OSs with the newest systemd version 
TR05Q09279 - Files and directories in a disk connected from Windows are only partially accessible 
TR08P08760 - Error 'failed to copy' occurs when trying to transfer a file via the ADB tool 
TR05Q09277 - Virtual desktops and custom sessions stay in a non-connectable state for several minutes 
TR05Q09289 - Web custom sessions fail to start when key based authentication is used 
TR05Q09288 - The web session request for key-based authentication even when the user is already authenticated
TR10P08957 - User is not prompted to update the password when it's expired in a 2FA setup